Friday, September 29, 2006

Sword of Windsor, Episode 2: Elverson's Point

Sword of Windsor, Episode 2: Elverson's Point
(28:40, 27.1 MB mp3, released 2006.09.29)

Written by Eric L. Busby
Based on the Falcon Banner novels by Christopher Patrick Lydon
Original music composed and performed by Kai Hartwig and Kevin MacLeod

Featuring the voice talents of:

Mark Bruzee as Captain Tobias Windsor
David Ault as Luther Emerson
Jim Barbour as Dross
Elie Hirschman as Rupert Sullivan
Arron Duran as Lok
Damaris Mannering as Sarah Graves
Dan Gorgone as Luke Balard
Diane Capen as Susan Baxter
Alex MacNicol as Kysan
Tom Davis as Inquisitor Darkel
and Chris Snyder as the Tech

The series was produced and directed by Mark Bruzee and Chris Snyder
Post-production by Chris Snyder
Special thanks to Christopher Patrick Lydon for making the series possible.
The executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby